#2 Long (2048 bit and 4096 bit) keys do not work


I'm using gaim 0.59.9 with encrypt 1.16 on Linux. I
tried to use the encrypted Yahoo Messenger connection.
Everything worked fine when I used the 1024 keys.
However such keys are not suitable for any serious
application now. When I tried to use longer keys (2048
or 4096) I got much worse results.
At 2048 bits - the key exchange worked, but there was
no possibility to exchange encrypted messages.
At 4096 bits - even the keys could not be exchanged.

When one of participants used the 1024 bit key, and the
another one - the 2048 bit key - the communication
still worked.
There must be a problem with the length of packets used
for exchange of keys and/or encrypted messages.

Wojciech M. Zabolotny


  • Bill Tompkins

    Bill Tompkins - 2003-04-08
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  • Bill Tompkins

    Bill Tompkins - 2003-04-08

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    I will get a Yahoo Messenger account and see what the
    problem is. There is a chance that 1.17 (with Gaim 0.60)
    will work ok.

    Please note: For those of you who think that 1024 bit keys
    are easily crackable, the largest (publicly) factored number
    from the RSA challenge is the 512 bit key. See

    There's $285,000 for you if you can factor their other
    numbers up to the 1024 bit key.


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