#40 Default allow all users without numbers in username


Starting line 427 of src/bot-sentry.c
* Block if username contains numbers - allow w/o msg if not
if(strpbrk(*sender, "0123456789") == NULL) {
return retval;


  • Steven Hartzog Jr

    Submitted through Iiridayn

  • David Everly

    David Everly - 2009-05-30
    • status: open --> pending
  • David Everly

    David Everly - 2009-05-30

    Why should bot sentry allow users without numbers to pass?

  • Steven Hartzog Jr

    All spam messages that I've received have been via usernames which contain some amount of numbers in them. While some of the spam might possibly slip by, I feel that at least for mine own version, that the reduced difficulty of contacting me makes the modification worthwhile.

    Perhaps as a configuration setting, an optional regex to pattern match names to allow unconditionally? It was code that did what I needed, and as I didn't want to add a dependency, I chose strpbrk().

  • Steven Hartzog Jr

    • status: pending --> open
  • David Everly

    David Everly - 2009-05-31

    A change like this just seems too likely to return both false positives and false negatives. I have many good friends with numbers in their user name. And I've seen plenty of spam which have only letters.

  • David Everly

    David Everly - 2009-05-31
    • assigned_to: nobody --> deckrider
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix

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