#26 Don't pop-up window on deny


To me, the point of getting bot sentry setup was to avoid multiple unwanted pop-ups a day from MSN spam bots. I was annoyed at seeing I had a new message, switching desktops, finding my new chat window, only to see it was not a real message from someone I knew.

Bot Sentry stops the spam, but it still makes a new chat window showing that (ffoobotasf23242@hotmail.com) was blocked, I don't really care, I'd rather it ran without me knowing in the background.

Could you add an option that could turn this "foo was denied" pop-up off?

Thanks much, looking forward to hearing back from you,



  • David Everly

    David Everly - 2008-05-26

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    I don't believe there is such a feature in bot-sentry to cause windows to pop up when bot-sentry blocks an unwanted message. Are you certain bot-sentry is causing this window to pop up? If so, can you provide more information, such as the debug log and screen shot of the message?

  • David Everly

    David Everly - 2008-05-26
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