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Need Pictures, Like, LOTS of pictures. Who would of thought huh?

Yea, I kinda underestimated how many pictures its really gonna take to make this game. And I need to be able to create a much larger "World" than the area around me provides. So I am asking anyone with any kind of camera, or just a computer full of random pictures. If they could please spare a couple of them as a contribution? Plus side, you'll get a prominent mention in the credits. (when I get those designed and done :-P)

I'll accept pretty much any and all kinds of pictures. But if you have time please have a look at this Photobucket Album cause I need the lighting conditions to be relatively similar, without a whole lot of editing needed. Just simple natural sunlight. If you have dawn, dusk, or night time pictures, those would be awesome too. As I eventually plan to implement a time system so that there will be night and day time. Each having their own characteristics. Please send any pictures you can to
this email: PictureAdventureGame@lavabit.com... read more

Posted by Daniel 2012-07-01 Labels: community contributions photography pictures point & click adventure

Version 0.1.0 is Released!!

Still not in a packaged deb for. But here's the new changes.

  • Backtracing you steps now works perfectly. (Thanks to paperjon for the advice)
  • Added background music. (HUGE thanks to Carharttguy for all the special blocks) Attribution for the music will be in Licenses folder.
  • And now I'll be able to add all kinds of sound effects too using the mplayer command and the "Run Shell Script" block. (Thanks to radio for the advice too. I went a different direction, but he was the inspiration for it)... read more
Posted by Daniel 2012-06-29 Labels: early development Music

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