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PicoStorage: over 100 downloads

PicoStorage has just crossed the 100-downloads milestone :). Looking forward to the 1000-downloads point.

Posted by Mihai Preda 2004-10-23

PicoStorage to support BTree directories

Soon PicoStorage will have a Directory implementation using B+Trees, in addition to the existing HashTable-based directories. This will allow ordered access to directory entries, and more compact storage for large directories.

Posted by Mihai Preda 2004-10-15

PicoStorage 0.1 available

PicoStorage, a lightweight "filesystem in a file" library,
features efficient and compact storage of both tiny and large
files and directories, compression, and transactions.
It is highly scalable (e.g. directories with millions of entries).
Version 0.1 is functional, but requires more testing toward a stable release.
And for a limited time only, whole source code under 5KLOC (kilo lines of code) !

Posted by Mihai Preda 2004-09-28

Picostorage v0.0 discontinued; new release expected

The first iteration of the Picostorage project, v0.0, suffered from some design problems. It was discontinued, and the project moves ahead, preparing a new, re-designed and much more capable Picostorage library.

The problems with v0.0 were:
-efficient support only for small files (because growing a file sometimes requires to copy the whole file, which is slow for big files).
-the API was not clean enough
-didn't guarantee storage integrity against crashes, power failures... read more

Posted by Mihai Preda 2004-09-24