Arjan van Lent

Welcome to the PiCloner wiki!

PiCloner is created by Arjan van Lent @ Codejugglers.nl
Licence: BSD (Use and fork as you wish...)


Mount the DMG image and drag the .app file inside it to your Applications folder
or some other location you see fit.


* Start PiCloner
* Select a location and filename to store your backup image
* Make sure your SD card is not plugged into your PC
* Connect your SD card and wait for PiCloner to detect the disk.
* Select a compression type
    **no** Do not use compression (image will be the same size as your entire SD card)
    **fast** Reduces the image size somewhat (Not extremely CPU intensive)
    **best** Reduces the image size quite a bit (Very CPU intensive; NOT FOR SLOW PC's)
* Check Task Info & Start Backup

Release Notes:

* Initial Release

This Project Is Created Using:
* PlatyPuss - http://sveinbjorn.org/platypus

This Project Includes:
* CocoaDialog - http://mstratman.github.com/cocoadialog


Checkout the latest development version with GIT.

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/picloner/code picloner

In Finder or Terminal navigate to the piwriter folder downloaded by GIT. Right click on
PiWriter.app and select 'Show Package Contents' to browse the code on OS X. On other operating systems (Linux, BSD) the .app will be recognized as a regular folder.