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The Max9/2008/2009 plugin for PhysX is now available!

We released Max plugin for PhysX V1.0.3 today. It support Max9/2008/2009 with PhysX SDK2.7.3 & 2.8.0 & 2.8.1). Please go to download section to get the full source and the user guide.

Posted by Harry Jiang 2008-05-29

The Max9 plugin (SDK2.7.3 & 2.8.0) is now available!

The Max9 plugin (SDK2.7.3 & 2.8.0) is now available, full source and updated user guide.

Posted by Harry Jiang 2008-04-21

User documentation

The need for some user documentation was raised more than once lately, and so I took some time to write a very short guide, going through most of the features of the plugin. I submitted this documentation now, but as I'm not sure how that works, I've also put the same documentation up for immediate grabs at

Read and try not to enjoy too much.

This is also my last day working with this project. Someone else will soon take over. In the meantime, try to help each other. Bye.

Posted by Markus Storm 2007-09-28

Various bug fixes

The newly added commit contains some bug fixes and new small features. Amongst others:
* Softbodies are now not created inside-out
* Fluids generate their meshes in C++ instead of MaxScript
* Added support for saving some settings in the scene
* Added a function (px.describe) that enumerates all functions in the PX interface

Posted by Markus Storm 2007-06-11

Legacy branch and joint changes

Due to requests for backwards compatibility, there is now a legacy branch that will be used for backwards compatibility issues. The current difference from the trunk is that it contains a copy of the D6 joint class, which works mostly like the one in the old plugin.

When reinstating that class, I noticed that both the new and the old classes used the same ClassID, so I had to change the ID of the new joint object. This affects the trunk version as well. I think it is better to make this change now, than to have problems with it later on. If you are having troubles with backwards compatibility between previous versions of the trunk and the current one, you can include both the 7th and 8th revision of (under different names, and don't forget to load them both from

Posted by Markus Storm 2007-05-11

SoftBody support added

A new version of the source has been committed to the SVN repository, now with a first version of SoftBody support.

Posted by Markus Storm 2007-03-19

PhysX plugin source code uploaded

The initial version of the (AGEIA) PhysX plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max has been uploaded to the SVN repository. Documentation and binaries will be made available at a later date. Please read the ReadMe.txt file in the SVN repository for more information.

Posted by Markus Storm 2007-03-13

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