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Released Another version on Google Code.

check out the links on the new site for this project.

Posted by BioSlayer 2007-02-25

Google Code Project Created.

I have created a Google code project for Physics2D.Net at:

This will hold all future releases and the source code in the SVN for Physics2D.Net.

I will no longer work on the old Physics 2D code you may consider it depreciated, but it still works.

Posted by BioSlayer 2007-02-23

Released Physics2D.Net!

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a release that is because I had been working on a completely new version. Since this one is completely new it’s getting its own Package. The newest code is in Physics2D.Net not Physics 2D. This new code is a whole lot better at stacking just look at the pyramid demo. It uses a new Solver basically copied from Box2D. On the negative side, this implementation does not have anti tunneling or the Ray collision detection (yet) but the polygons can now be concave and the collision detection is a whole lot faster. So if you are worried about tunneling then you can make the time steps ridiculously small. ... read more

Posted by BioSlayer 2007-02-19

Released 0.1.14!

Released 0.1.14!

Not much has changed except for a few bug fixes and some refactoring of the code. I did make it so a few of the classes can be XML serialized as well as be viewed in properties grid.

The major change is the switch from DirectX to OpenGL. I do plan to start making it work with mono later. (Actually for all I know is that it already does.)

I also removed the abilities to describe color for the objects since color does not effect physics and if some one were to actually to use this engine they would write there own graphics and not use the limited stuff that existed. ... read more

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-08-31

Released 0.1.13!

No major Changes in terms of how the code runs but a few in its origination. The re-factoring is so I can get the code to the point were I am comfortable commenting it. I still have a few major changes I want to make but they won’t be done for a while. So this is mostly a bug fix release.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-04-17

Released 0.1.12!

I've been Continuing with debugging and the re-factoring in order to make it so there is next to no duplicate code in Physics2D.
There are no new features in this release.

But there are a lot of new comments.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-03-23

The New Website is up!

It now has a forum with guest posting and a wiki. Thanks to fadooki for putting it up.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-03-22

New developer.

Fadookie is going to be making the project website. It will have a wiki and a forum.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-03-18

Released 0.1.11

This is basically a bug fix slash re-factoring release.
The only new features are ignore groups for ICollidableAreas, and lifetimes for joints.

See the notes and changelog for more information.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-03-17

Released 0.1.10

It’s been a while since I released a new release. I blame school for this… So I decided that it was about time for me to release a newer version of the source code. Lots of things have changed I deleted a few things that were not used and changed a few things to be faster. I’ve even merged Axioms and mines math libraries. So now all those matrixes and stuff work. Generally the engine works pretty well it’s still have a big problem with stacking and objects with forces applied to force them together. I also write an anti tunneling algorithm that works pretty well.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-03-14

Released 0.1.09

I've made a lot of changes to this over the past few weeks. Mostly to work better with my game. A lot of the changes were minor like changing the modifier on a field or turning methods into properties and visa versa and renaming things just to confuse you... That was a joke. I just rename them to better names in my opinion.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-02-02

Released 0.1.08!

This is mainly a bug fix release thought there is still some new items. see the change log for details.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-01-15

Released 0.1.07!!

This release has a lot of changes. The new sweep and prune broad phase collision detector really speeds things up. And to see some of the new added capability for rays press Z while in one of the demos.

Posted by BioSlayer 2006-01-09

A New Developer.

Magnus is a new developer to this project. Hopefully with his help we can make this engine even cooler.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-12-15

Released 0.1.06!

I’ve made a lot of changes unfortunately the change log does not list them all, since I forgot to log them as I did them.

But among the Highpoints are:
Fixed a bug with collideables with multiple parts.
Added Ray Collision Detection.
Changed collision detection to be a lot less CPU intensive. Also balls roll correctly now!

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-12-09

Updated Home Page

I updated the homepage with the current list of features with their status and a short description of each.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-11-22

Released 0.1.05!

I decided to go ahead with switching it back to 2003. The main reason is all the profilers I just downloaded do not support .Net 2.0. So in order to profile the engine I had to convert it back anyways. The new version has some pretty sweet new things. The main thing is the ability to describe a rigid body with more then one polygon, making it so a rigid body now can have a convex shape.

The other change is I made the Collision event in the world class a lot cleaner and has a lot more useful information.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-11-21

0.1.05 is Ready But...

I recently Installed and started using visual studio 2005 and converted the project to the new version. I have yet to implement any of the new features available via 2005, but unfortunately I have yet to find an easy way to convert the solution files back to 2003. Now the question is do I bother to recreate the solution files to allow all you 2003 users to be able to compile it easily? Or have you all downloaded the Visual C# 2005 Express Edition available at this URL:... read more

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-11-21

0.1.04 Is here! (Another Release)

Well this release is a lot bigger then the previous ones. I’ve added a lot of new stuff, like breakable joints and fixed a few things. I’ve done some major re-factoring so I’m sorry if I have made the code unrecognizable. I’ve added a lot of comments but they seem to be only on the basic classes like Vector2D and the interfaces. There is just so much code to comment, and it changes so fast that comments can become obsolete very fast.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-11-18

Added another ScreenShot

Added a screen shot of the impulse wave in action. Not an easy screen shot to get.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-10-30

Updated WebPage

Just put in a short About section, but basically i just rambled on.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-10-29

Added Yet Another Release.

This one is a neat one.
See the notes and changelog.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-10-29

Added another Release

See the notes.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-10-27

Added Driver Program Download

Added a Download that has a driver program included. Now you can actually see how I Interface with the Library or just compile it and see some 2D physics in action. (The readme's in the Download explain in more detail.)

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-10-18

Added New Release

Fixed some problems in Contact/Collision friction and joints.

Posted by BioSlayer 2005-10-18

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