#26 Alpha 10 does not start



On my previous windows installation Alpha-10 would
start but make my icons in explorer crash. Now - after
setting up my system new - the Alpha-10-EXE (05-09-22)
does not start the program but gives an error message
which (translated) goes like this:

"The file PHOENIX.EXE is linked to the missing Export-

Of course, I do have a SHELL32.DLL in windows\system.

Thanks for any suggestions and Merry Christmas!



  • Rainer Schumann

    Rainer Schumann - 2005-12-24

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    Hi Jolly,

    I believe this problem relates to your IE-Version. You
    should upgrade to the latest version with all security
    patches (even if you use another browser, because the
    IE-dlls are more or less a part of the operating system). If
    you think this does not apply, please give more details
    about your environment (Operating system, file-version of
    the shell32.dll)

    HTH and merry christmas!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hi Rainer!

    Version of IE and SHELL32.DLL are the same as before the
    new installation.
    I use Windows 95 and IE 5.5 SP2. The SHELL32-version is the
    original one from Windows 95.

    The only difference that comes to my mind is that I don't
    have Phoenix Mail 2003 installed anymore. Could that make a
    difference for Alpha 10? Beta9 works fine, by the way...

    Regards, Jolly

  • Marco Hemmes

    Marco Hemmes - 2006-03-22

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    A search on MSDN results:

    The Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Desktop Update must be
    installed for this function to be available.

    Minimum DLL Version: shell32.dll version 4.71 or later

    Does this help? I don't have/use W95 anymore so I cannot
    test it.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    When I set my system up new, I tried to install only those
    components, I really needed. Maybe now something is
    missing, which Alpha-10 needs.

    Since Beta-9 wokrs fine, I don't really have a problem. But
    there must be a difference between the versions 9 and 10
    that causes this problem...

    Thanks for the answer! I'll wait for a stable version 10
    before I change anything in my well-running system.


  • Marco Hemmes

    Marco Hemmes - 2006-03-27

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Jolly,

    I know exactly what has changed and is causing
    this 'problem'. It's not exactly a problem, more a missing
    feature in your Windows version. Your system could be well-
    running, but I think somewhat outdated also, for it is at
    least 11 years old.

    I cannot solve the problem at runtime, because the
    shell32.dll is linked on loading the application. A
    solution would be to create a separate build for W95, that
    will only lack the feature of storing the messages in
    a 'local user' location. Another solution would be that you
    will update your system, with the 'Desktop Update' I
    mentioned earlier.

    By the way, what is your version of shell32.dll?

    With kind regards,


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