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I wasn't taking care of phxENGINE for a while, but you should not be afraid that I dropped the project. I was thinking about it, and for last few days I re-build two most important parts of it. So... You can be expecting new "framework" package. I should release a "GDF" (Game Development Framework) package in next few days too (it'll be a little different from standard "framework" package). I hope you'll like it!

Posted by Meares 2010-08-12

Small Bug...

There is very small bug inside the "phxengine-framework-1.0-beta" package. In the "config.php" file you need to change value of DEF_MDL from "main" into "example". It's only definition of default module, so it's not a real bug... I just had more modules before I decided to release the framework package.

WARNIG: You DO NOT need to change anything inside the "phxengine-framework-1.0-stable" package.

Posted by Meares 2010-06-01

1st Release!

I know that's too early for releasing it, but... The 1st version of framework is done. Next step is making login/register/lang-change modules (actually I'll put them all as methods inside module named "main"). Then I'll release 2nd file called "phxengine-1.0-stable".

PS. There will not be any support before release of "1.0-stable".

Posted by Meares 2010-05-31

Faster Than I Thought!

I'm writing faster than I thought, so maybe I'll release phxENGINE on Friday.

Posted by Meares 2010-05-30

Ready... Set... Go!

Today I started writing "phxENGINE", and I think that I'll release 1st stable version of it on next Saturday or Sunday. Project support will be, of course, here - on SourceForge.

Posted by Meares 2010-05-29