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PHPXMLRPC goes to github

In case anyone is still interested:

I (GG) am moving the whole project over to Github.

Source code has already been migrated, as well as the last available release for the 3 "subprojects":


The project website is now at:


While at it, I also registered the project on packagist.... read more

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2013-12-15

New release of PHP-XMLRPC, JS-XMLRPC and the Extras package

This is the first release of the PHPXMLRPC library to support only PHP 5.
Some legacy code has been removed, and support for features such as php exceptions and dateTime objects introduced.

The "beta" tag is meant to indicate the fact that the refactoring has been more widespread than in precedent releases and that more changes are likely to be introduced with time - the library is still considered to be production quality.... read more

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2009-09-05

PHPXMLRPC 2.2.2 "I'm not dead" released

Seven bugs fixed and a couple of improvements.
And still php4-compatible.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2009-03-16

New release (0.3) of jsxmlrpc

I'm pleased to announce the third release of the js-xmlrpc library.

A lot of bugs have been fixed since version 0.2, in many areas of encoding and decoding xmlrpc values.

There is better support for Firefox when setting debug mode to clients, and for Safari when the port is not specified in the server url.

The debug and error logging mechanism has been rewritten, and will take advantage of Firebug when detected.... read more

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2007-06-26

New release of JS-XMLRPC

I'm pleased to announce the second release of the js-xmlrpc library.

The big improvements are:
- support for async client requests (with an optional user-specified timeout)
- support for proxying remote methods into native javascript functions
- API documentation is now included in the distribution
- minifed (compact) version of the lib is now included in the distribution

Although there are no known bugs, a complete testsuite has not yet been developed
to insure formal correctness. Please consider the code beta quality, and report
any bugs you find to http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpxmlrpc

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2007-04-25

Three new releases: core, extras and jsxmlrpc

PHP-XMLRPC version 2.2: mostly bugfixes

PHP-XMLRPC version 0.4: mostly bugfixes

JS-XMLRPC version 01: brand new library, implements XML-RPC and JSON-RPC clients in Javascript. The programming API is the same as for the php-xmlrpc library. As a bonus, includes a visual editor for xmlrpc values, that can be integrated in the phpxmlrpc debugger.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2007-02-26


The third release of the php-xmlrpc extras package brings the usual lot of bugfixes and new capabilities:

Lots of bugfixes in the json code, leading to improved serialization and parsing. A testsuite was added.

A real manual. Still quite incomplete, but way better than naught.

JSON_EXTENSION_API - building on the jsonrpc classes, this new file provides a drop-in replacement for the php native json extension. Applications that use the php json extension can include this file to run unaltered on php installs where the extension is missing

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2006-11-22

PHPXMLRPC 2.1 released

Some improvements, 4 bugfixes and 1 security enhancement. Should be a bit faster, too...

Recommended for production usage.

For a detailed (and completely unformatted) list of changes see the NEWS item:


Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2006-08-28

First release of the EXTRAS package

Im am please to announce releae 0.1 (alpha?) of the phpxmlrpc extras package.
It contains plenty of goodies, that have not been included in the main distribution to keep it lightweight.
Documentation is quite scarce, but the code is starting to look good.
Comments and feedback are welcome.

Included packages are:


The completely UNOFFICIAL DTD and RELAX NG schemas to validate your xmlrpc against. Might be useful in defining some wsdl file descrbing xmlrpc services (good luck!!!). The DTD is not quite accurate, due to limitations in the definition language. RELAX NG should be 100% precise and accurate.... read more

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2006-04-24

PHPXMLRPC 2.0 final Released

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2006-04-24

PHPXMLRPC 2.0 RC3 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of the third release candidate for version 2 of the PHP-XMLRPC library, which implements the xml-rpc webservice protocol.
This is a bugfix release, with some very nice new features thrown in for good measure.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2006-01-23

Self-documenting+testable server online

The php-xmlrpc server available for testing on phpxmlrpc.sf.net has been replaced with an improved version.

New capabilities include:
- generate human readable (html) information about exposed methods when accessed via GET requests
- ability to respond to xml requests sent by browsers via a plain html form (maked debugging easier)

A separate package will be made available soon for download, containing the new server class (a subclass of xmlrpc_server).... read more

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2005-12-09

PHPXMLRPC 2.0 RC2 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of the second release candidate for version 2 of the PHP-XMLRPC library, which implements the xml-rpc webservice protocol.
This is a bugfix release, with a couple of new features thrown in for good measure.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2005-11-22

PHPXMLRPC 2.0 RC1 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of the first release candidate for version 2 of the PHP-XMLRPC library, which implements the xml-rpc webservice protocol.
This is a major overhaul of functionality from the 1.X series.
More details in the release notes.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2005-10-02

New stable release 1.2.1

This is a minnor bugfix and documentation update release. PHP 3 comaptibility has been restored.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2005-09-11

New stable release 1.2

This release removes all use of eval() as a potential remote code execution exploit. Note: As of this release, the library is no longer php3-compatible.

Posted by Miles Lott 2005-08-16

New stable release 1.1.1

This is a security vulnerability fix release.

The vulnerability was originally discovered by GulfTech Security Research and is described in Secunia advisory SA15852.

All users are invited to upgrade as soon as possible.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2005-06-30

Demo of xmlrpc debugger online

A demo version of the xmlrpc debugger that will be included in release 2.0 of the library is online at http://phpxmlrpc.sourceforge.net/debugger/
Unfortunately sf.net hosted scripts cannot open sockets, rendering the debugger completely useless.
Suggestions for a different (free) hosting solution are welcome.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2005-06-22

New stable release 1.1

I'm pleased to announce XML-RPC for PHP version 1.1
It's taken two years to get to the this point, but here we are, finally. This is a bugfix and maintenance relase. No major new features have been added. All known bugs have been ironed out, unless fixing would have meant breaking the API.
The code has been tested with PHP 3, 4 and 5, even tough PHP 4 is the main development platform (and some warnings will be emitted when runnning PHP5).... read more

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2005-05-04

Public demo server available on sf.net

A demo server has been activated for testing purposes at the address http://phpxmlrpc.sourceforge.net/server.php.
It uses the same code currently in CVS, which will hopefully be released very soon as bufix release.

Anybody interested in testing fixed bugs / new features is invited to contribute.

Posted by Gaetano Giunta 2005-04-16

New stable release 1.02

This new stable release fixes an important bug which lead to problems where an incoming payload had 2 or more consecutive blank lines.

Posted by Edd Dumbill 2001-11-30

Security fix release 1.01

Version 1.01 contains important security fixes which all users of this code should install immediately.

Posted by Edd Dumbill 2001-09-25

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