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Version 0.6.0 is almost done

Work on Version 0.6.0B is almost completed. The only thing left to code the the ACP.

Posted by Zell Faze 2010-07-19

Work on the next version

The project has not been abandoned. Both the developers just got busy lives. I would like to let you all know that the next version of phpWSM is a work in progress at the moment, and I am working on it whenever possible.

Posted by Zell Faze 2009-01-31

0.5.0B Release

Today we have released Version 0.5.0B of phpWSM. This new version includes a new Engine, and two new templates. All help and suggestions as always are welcome.

Posted by Zell Faze 2008-05-14

0.4.0A Released

The initial release of phpWSM has been uploaded today. This is the first release of phpWSM, and hopefully we will be able to build off of this. Enjoy.

Posted by Zell Faze 2008-03-05