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phpwiki-1.2.8 released

The old-stable branch needed some fixes, which I did in January 30, but needed some time to get to a release.

  • register_globals=off fix:
    fix and centralize broken register_globals=off logic.
  • update message catalog
  • replace mysql_pconnect by mysql_connect


Posted by Reini Urban 2005-04-02

phpwiki-1.2.7 released

phpwiki-1.2.7 contains minor feature enhancement and fixes, detected in the cvs release-1_2-branch, backported from 2001 and early 2002 fixes, which were never released with 1.2.3 up to 1.2.6.
cvs tags are also properly updated for the -b release-1_2-branch

  • full xhtml conformity
  • split_pagename in title and header to help google
  • "INSTALL.Mac OS X" added from cvs
  • lib/zipfile.php: Content-Disposition: attachment
  • lib/config.php, lib/stdlib.php: support new USE_LINK_ICONS and AUTOSPLIT_WIKIWORDS, better i18n $!WikiNameRegexp
  • re-added images/* LINK_ICONS, pre-calculate DATA_PATH
  • locale/*: fix and update strings and templates esp. for german,
  • index.php: urlparser extended to omit &start_debug=1 and other args
  • added minor_edit checkbox
  • print more meta tags: robots, favicon, language and PHPWIKI_VERSION
  • dbalib: dba default detection for dba/dbm and take best handler, fix timeout logic, improve error diagnostics: print errors after the first failing attempts... read more
Posted by Reini Urban 2005-01-07

phpwiki 1.2.6 released

phpwiki-1.2.6 is a bugfix for the flatfile database backend only. Other backends are not affected.

Fixed TitleSearch and Backlinks for flatfile. (Thanks to some user Raj)
Enable MostPopular (hitcount storage) for flatfile.

Note, that 1.2.x is not in active development, and probably insecure, but is 10x faster and has 10x less features than the current 1.3.x development branch. A new 1.3.11 release will arrive soon.

Posted by Reini Urban 2004-12-19

phpwiki 1.2.5 released

We promised not to touch this old stable branch (last touched 2001), but support requests got annoying, and it's several times smaller and faster then the big 1.3.x development branch.

The main feature is register_globals=off safety. Those reports got annoying. But I also
found several bugs with the dba, dbm, file and msql backends on GetAllWikiPagenames which affected dumpserial and zip.

Posted by Reini Urban 2004-12-02

phpwiki 1.3.10 released

In short: paging support, adodb rewrite, permission problem fixed.

Posted by Reini Urban 2004-05-13

1.2.4 released

PhpWiki 1.2.4 improves possible deadlocks in DBA, and fixes problems with DBA open failures.

PhpWiki 1.2.x is the old stable phpwiki series from 2001.
The patch is minimal, you might want to look at the seperate patch file instead.

Posted by Reini Urban 2004-05-04

1.2.3 released

  • added the most popular footer for dba
  • added remove for dba
  • fixed a warning on info page

You'll only need this if you are using the dba database handler.

Posted by Reini Urban 2004-04-29

1.3.9 released, bugfix for 1.3.8

Bugfix release for the following 1.3.8 problems:

  • syntax errors in lib/plugin/UpLoad.php
  • syntax errors in lib/plugin/WikiAdminRemove.php
  • syntax error in schemas/mysql.sql
  • several path issues (cannot findfile...), which were
    caused by a chdir for bindtextdomain in
    Failed opening required 'lib/stdlib.php',
    templates/html.tmpl: not found, and more
  • added self-registration for DbPassUser
  • added GoTo plugin, RateIt action page... read more
Posted by Reini Urban 2004-04-12

1.3.8 is released

External plugable authentification, DB prefs and sessions, some more fixes, docs, themes and plugins.

Posted by Reini Urban 2004-04-11

Admin password security bugfix

This bugfix prevents anyone from logging in as the administrator using the encrypted password itself copied directly from the index.php file. Note that in order to take advantage of this bug in PhpWiki 1.3.4 or later (1.3.5pre at this time), someone would already need to have access to the PhpWiki index.php file via FTP, SSH etc.; nevertheless it is recommended that all PhpWiki sites who are using any version of 1.3.4 upgrade to the latest CVS version of PhpWiki 1.3.5pre, which includes many other small bugfixes and minor updates as well.... read more

Posted by Carsten Klapp 2003-11-09

flat file database returns

I checked in files contributed by Jochen Kalmbach that implement a flat file database for PhpWiki. It's in the developer branch, and will be available in the nightly build as of 1/4/03.

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2003-01-04

PhpWiki developer release 1.3.4

PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone in PHP. A WikiWikiWeb is a site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form. All pages are stored in a DBMS and hyperlinking is dynamic. It's for collaboration, conversation and documentation all at once. Featuring many new plugins, bug fixes, and lines of code.

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2002-12-31

Version 1.3.3 out

PhpWiki version 1.3.3, a developer's release, is another project milestone. W3C-validated XHTML and CSS output, multiple theme packages, massive internationalization improvements/updates, ADODB support, word level diffs, a new parse engine, new plugins, and much more!

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2002-02-24

Release 1.3.2

PhpWiki version 1.3.2 is now out. This is another release from the developer branch; it's beta and not guaranteed to be stable. Many new interesting features have been added; come see our ChangeLog!

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2001-12-20

1.2.2 released

PhpWiki version 1.2.2 is now out. This release includes support for MS SQL, many bug fixes and improved documenation.

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2001-11-16

1.2.1, 1.3.1 released

It's been such a long time... but at last new versions of PhpWiki are available; hacked on by coders from all over the planet, with a plethora of new features in the (unstable, developmental) 1.3 branch and a gazillion bugfixes in the 1.2 branch!

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2001-11-02

1.2 released!

A year in the making, PhpWiki version 1.2 is finally here. Five databases are supported, internationalization, new markup, admin features, color diffs and many more things make this one of the best PHP implementations around!

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2001-02-02

1.1.9 released

1.1.9 has new support for Spanish and German, numerous improvements and bug fixes.

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2000-11-06

1.1.8 out!

PhpWiki 1.1.8 is here, after three long months! New features in clude: exporting the site to a zip file, internationalization, tabless markup language, a memory leak fix for DBM-based Wikis, and many more!

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2000-10-25

1.1.7 out

1.1.7 is now available for download.

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2000-07-15

1.1.6b out

This corrects a bug in the configuration that made its way into the 1.1.6 release.

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2000-06-28

1.1.6 out!

                  This is a major revision from previous releases and is a milestone in the project's

                  PhpWiki still installs "right out of the box." Just gunzip and untar in a directory  under
                  your web tree, and you have a Wiki.

                  The database schema has been vastly improved. It's almost normalized now ;-)
                  It will pave the way for a set of new features that will be in release 1.2.... [read more](/p/phpwiki/news/2000/06/116-out/)
Posted by Steve Wainstead 2000-06-26

1.1.5 out

1.1.5 has a lot of bug fixes and some new features; it's highly beta, but should be fun to use anyways. MySQL users should wait for the next release. If you are fine with running PhpWiki on top of a DBM file, this release should be fine.

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2000-06-10


PhpWiki is now hosted at Sourceforge. I hope you find this setup more useful; I will get the source code in CVS soon.

Steve Wainstead

Posted by Steve Wainstead 2000-05-28

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