On 12/18/05, Reini Urban <rurban@x-ray.at> wrote:
Do you want to provide a patch against current CVS?
I'm still busy with private stuff until Thursday or so.

Converting SELECT IF() to CASE() is not on my high priorities,
but we already did it for the other queries so it will appear in 1.3.12.

Note that David is talking about the stuff in lib/WikiDB/backend/PearDB.php, which I previously ranted about.  We are running Oracle and there are no overrides to the functions that use it in PearDB_oci8.php.

Yes, David works with me and as he has said is a great supporter of the Wiki concept.  We are both VERY interested in seeing phpwiki continue to develop and fix all of these niggling problems, particularly as it fits the SOE of the organisation.

Last time I brought this sql stuff up, I was told that it was the realm of the PearDB guys and should post /rant over there.  Fair enough, but since these libraries are part of phpwiki, why should we not fix these and provide the patches back to them?

If you want, I will try and make the correct additions to PearDB_oci8.php and test them.  May not get it done before next year though.  Then I can provide you with the patches for the next release, which I am hoping will be relatively soon.

BTW, Reini and others are VERY helpful and responsive to problems.  I guess there just aren't enough developers and supporters to get to everything, and Reini has enough other stuff to be doing.  Probably my only real criticism is relying on CVS for patches and fixes.  I am not sure if all of my suggested patches have made it into CVS yet, so I am loath to rely on it.  Release and bugfix announcments to this list may help alleviate this issue, but without tracking/knowing what fixes are in or out, I cannot use it to keep our production wiki up to date.