I find it most amusing that I found your site. My name is George, but you may remember me
as Lord Ashton, or "Ass-ton", as Anroidicus playfully called me in one of his last e mails, which
I refer to the "And Another thing..." letters. No, seriously, I kept getting a nudge to go
check out the OT pages, thinking there was a new message I might find intertesting, and
when I typed in the address, I paused, wondering whether to put dot-com or dot-net, then I
found myself typing dot-org, which I knew was a mistake, but I laughed when I saw what you had
put up since I left the OT forums. That's right, I'm the one who was raising so much much "stink"
that got everyone so upset. I was certainly happy to see someone who stuck to their truth as I did.
We must truly be "brothers" in the highest sense.
Let me know how to validate the subscribe email so I can join your forum. I put in the code number
but it came back. I tried just sending a blank email and it did the same.
Oh, I read that last page from star sapphire and she sounds like another hippocrite with control
issues, but hey, they have their own sandbox to play in.
Love and Peace My Friend,


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