Experience Newsletter No 4


This is the fourth issue of the Experience Newsletter, presenting the Experience Festival and The World University of Consciousness taking place August 1st 2003 outside Chennai in India.


The purpose of the festival and the university is to explore the inexhaustible well of spiritual wisdom residing in ancient cultures, a wisdom that this planet is so much in need of right now!


What you can get an experience of at the festival you can explore in depth at the world university. Topics includes Enlightenment, Mysticism, Vaastu, Shristi - the art of parenting, Ayurveda, Women’s movement in a spiritual context, Yoga, the Maya calendar, Kabbalah, Shamanism, Temazcal, Sufism and much more.


The Experience Festival and The World University of Consciousness is arranged as a joint venture between a team of people in the west, with the headquarters in Sweden, and the Golden Age Foundation in India.


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New teachers in this issue:

·        Dr Sanjeevi M Ramaseamy, the third generation of Ayurveda doctors in his family.

·        Vasili Kuhar, the doctor with magic hands specialising in treatment of back problems.


Articles in this issue:

·        Medical astrology - Determining the Constitutional Type - Part 1

·        Ayurveda – an introduction Part I

·        Homas – an introduction to the ancient fire ritual

·        Interview with Sri Ananda Giri, Part II

·        Interview with Sri Samadarshini, Part II

·        Kumbh Mela, about the gigantic Indian spiritual festival at Raja Mundry were all Experience Festival participants are also invited.


The website is updated with a lot of new teachers, university courses and articles. Among the articles are:

·        The Mukti Courses at The World University of Consciousness

·        What is Medical Astrology? PART I

·        What is Medical Astrology? PART II

·        Ayurveda – an introduction Part I

·        Ayurveda – an introduction Part II

·        Creating Sat Karma

·        Interview with Sri Samadarshini

·        Physical Sat Karma

·        The Ayurvedic view on eating for energy

·        The Power of Place - Pilgrimage and the lure of sacred sites

·        Dragons throughout the ages - Explanation of the Dragons importance in Astrology.


Mukti-1, Mukt-2 and Mukti-3 will be held at the World Univeristy of Consciousness

Full information about the Mukti courses held by the Golden Age Foundation at the World University of Consciousness is available on the website. For more information click http://www.experiencefestival.com/index.php/topic/articles/article/1301


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We hope to meet you in India in August! All continents will be represented in a gathering that is much more important than the experience itself.



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The Experience Festival

August 1-8 2003


Each day participants can choose between up to 20 different workshops and activities. In the morning there will be guided meditations and yoga of different kinds. During the day there will be numerous workshops, both theoretical and experiential, as well as other activities. In the afternoon and evening: games, social gatherings and rituals of different kinds.


The Experience Festival and The World University of Consciousness are arranged as a joint venture between a team of people in the west, with the headquarters in Sweden, and the Golden Age Foundation in India.


The Golden Age Foundation is a non-profit spiritual institution born in India and is well known as Kalki Dharma. This spiritual institution is created with one objective of helping the Humanity to discover and experience the truths of the ancient principles and live in harmony with the Universe.


There will be workshops conducted by international teachers on topics like Ayurveda, Mysticism, Enlightenment, Vaastu, Geobiology, Temazcal, Medical Astrology, Shristi –the art of parenting, Women’s movement in a spiritual context, Nostradamus teachings, Sufism, Native American Ceremonies, Ancient Mexican Dances, Yoga, Mayan Calendar, Vedic Art, Kabbalah and much more.



There will also be a very special festival for the kids –The Prince &Princess Festival.



The Golden Age Foundation will offer daily Satsangs at the festival as follows:


Mysticism – Poornima Dasaji

Enlightenment – Sri Samadarshini

Enlightenment – Sri Ananda Giri

Women ’s Movement – Tapasya Dasaji

Enlightenment – Krishnaraj Dasaji

•Living a joyful life – Naveen Dasaji

•Shristi – the art of parenting – Radhika Dasaji

Yoga and Meditation – Sujay Dasaji

•Darshan - Sri Kalki –the founder of the Golden Age Foundation –will also most probably give a Darshan during the festival.


Read more about all teachers and topics at our website:www.experiencefestival.com.



The World University

August 9-17 2003


The World University is an Educational and Scientific institution dedicated to the rediscovery, documentation and teaching of wisdoms and sciences developed by ancient cultures from around the world. festival you can explore in depth at the world university.


Some of the courses offered at the University after the festival

•Mukti 1-2 combined (also called Discovering Love &Grace or Antaryamin &Prema Yagna) – One of the Dasajis

Mukti 3 (also called Discovering Bliss or Ananda Yagna) – One of the Dasajis

Yoga – Sujay Dasaji

Ayurveda –Dr Sanjeevi M.Ramaseamy

Astroendocrinology:the Chakras and Endocrine Glands – Ingrid Naiman

Vaastu Course – Dr Prabhat Poddar

Sufism Disciplining the soul and breaking the two desires –Hassan Dyck

•Native North American Indian Wisdom and prophecies Course –Chief Sonne Reyna

Nostradamus ’ Divine Astrology – Dr Louis Turi

Vedic Art – Birger Broberg


Read more about these and other courses at: www.experiencefestival.com



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Important Dates

•Arrival day to the festival and opening ceremony 1st August 2003.

•Festival program 2-8 August

•Departure day from festival 9th August.

•Start of The World University courses 9th August.



Fees for The Experience Festival

•Before June 20th:adults 500 US$, young adults 16-22 years 250$, youth 13-15 years 165$, children up to 12 years comes for free.

•After June 1st:adults 600$,young adults 16-22 years 300$,youth 13-15 years 200$, children up to 12 years comes for free.


Included in the fee of the festival

All the workshops, special events, satsangs, good vegetarian food and lodging are included.

Individual services are not included and should be booked and paid for separately. The courses starting August 9th (The World University) are not included.


Please note that you book your flight to India your self.

Note: The number of participants are limited to 400 and this event is »first come –first serve «, so please register as soon as possible.



Fees for courses at The World University

•One course costs 300$

•Two courses costs 500$(100$discount)

•Three courses costs 650$(250$discount)


Special fees for the Mukti-courses:

•Mukti 1+2 combined: 150$

•Mukti-3: 360$


We recommend you to reserve a space for the course well in advance if you wish to attend.



How to get there

The festival is located 80 km North of Chennai (Madras) on the Indian South East Coast.

•Address:Sri Kalki Temple Govardhanapuram, Varadheepalyam –517541 Chittor District,, Andra Pradesh,India.


Affordable taxis from Chennai airport takes approximately 2,5 hours.





To account

Please pay the total fee to our account with Nordea Bank Sverige AB


•Account no: 3009 18 250 16


Bank check

Send us a bank check to:

•Experience Enterprise c/o Arkacia AB, Strandvagen 7B entree 2

S –114 56 Stockholm



Sweden only

For Swedish residence:

•Pg 8371710 –8

•Bg 5826 –0415


Sign up for the Experience Festival & the University Courses

Sign up at: www.experiencefestival.com

E-mail: info@experiencefestival.com

Fax: +46 8 545 855 10

Phone: +46 545 855 00





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