Well sometimes stupidity hits us all in the forehead!  I found the problem in the docs of all places. Thanks



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From: Daniel Curry
April 22, 2003 5:32 PM
To: phpwiki-talk@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Phpwiki-talk] dbm problems with RH9 and latest phpwiki from sourceforge


Here is the DBParams as I have it set.  (I removed the comments for brevity.)


$DBParams = array(

   'dbtype'   => 'dba',

//'db_session_table'   => 'session',

   'prefix' => 'phpwiki_',

   'directory'     => "/var/www/html/phpwiki/pages",

   'dba_handler'   => 'gdbm',   // Either of 'gdbm' or 'db2' work great for me.

   'timeout'   => 30,



This is the error I get when I try phpwiki for the first time:


lib/DbaDatabase.php:32: Fatal[256]: driver initialization failed

lib/config.php:276: Notice[8]: Undefined variable: SCRIPT_NAME

lib/config.php:401: Notice[8]: Undefined index: dsn

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!