I apologize for taking all the time I have on the list, but I had phpwiki working for a long time, and I relied on it for various uses.  I would really like now to get it installed again (any version) and port my old pages to it.  Please don't give up on me.

Here are the facts:

Previous phpwiki version: 1.3.7
Form of previous pages: mysql table only (no phpwiki dump)

Current system: Jaguarpc web hosting server running php5 and mysql5.  Jaguarpc is a very generic Linux host.

Please hold my hand as I do the following steps:

1. Choose a version
2.  Install and choose a database system
3.  Port my old pages from 1.3.7

If you will help me, I will document at the support wiki what I have done to get success.

Thanks again,

Tom Haws (not a new wiki user)