Fix applied and verified.
My password has now been changed correctly in the password file.

Thanks Reini!
Now there are hardly any errors at the bottom of the page, I include them just for referece since they are not causing me any issues that I can tell.

lib/WikiUserNew.php (In template 'body' < 'html'):1116: Notice[8]: Undefined property: _FilePassUser::$_HomePagehandle

lib/Request.php:436: Notice[8]: Undefined property: Request_AccessLog::$logtable

On 3/7/06, Reini Urban <rurban@x-ray.at> wrote:
joel schaubert schrieb:
> Hi Reini,
> I was able to confirm that file permissions are not the issue for the
> particular file where the passwords are stored.
> To verify this, I changed ownership and permissions to exclude apache,
> then confirmed that I cannot even login (as expected).
> So then I put permission back on the password containing file so that
> apache is allowed.  Now I can log in (as expected) but I cannot run that
> prefereces page to change password for my hand-created users in the
> password file.  I get the same errors as shown in the first email.
> Could it possibly be the missing $_filename variable that you had
> mentioned below causing the stream open failure?
> Here are two more clues I can provide by doing some more testing.
> 1) if I don't modify password, but just change the email, I see this
> error at the bottom of page
> lib/WikiUserNew.php (In template 'body' < 'html'):1116: Notice[8]:
> Undefined property: _FilePassUser::$_HomePagehandle
> 2) if I click my loginName at the bottom where it says authenticated as
> SomeUser, to make a homepage for that account I get this error.  Could
> you tell me what directory the mkdir context was likely to be in this
> situation so I can check and see why mkdir would have failed?
> (for now I have collected all the writeable directories that I knew
> about [wiki pages -- file db, session state] into one subdir and changed
> to apache ownership and put 777 permissions just to avoid perm problems)
>         PHP Warning
> lib/pear/Cache/Container/file.php:339: Warning[2]: mkdir() [<a
> href='function.mkdir'>function.mkdir</a>]: Permission denied
> Valid XHTML 1.0! <http://validator.w3.org/check/referer> Valid CSS!
> <http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/check/referer >
>       Page Execution took real: 0.605, user: 0.580, sys: 0.030 seconds,
> Memory: 13544944
> lib/plugin/Imdb.php:50: Warning[2]: main(themes/film/lib/imdb.php) [<a
> href=' function.main'>function.main</a>]: failed to open stream: No such
> file or directory
> lib/Request.php:436: Notice[8]: Undefined property:
> Request_AccessLog::$logtable
> On 3/6/06, *Reini Urban* <rurban@x-ray.at <mailto:rurban@x-ray.at>> wrote:
>     joel schaubert schrieb:
>     > I am learning how to setup phpwiki to require and manage passwords.
>     > My settings are to have phpwiki manage the passwords in a file, no
>     bogo
>     > login, require passwords for any edits but allow viewing.
>     >
>     > This is working well, I add new users and passwords with either
>     > htpasswd, or I use the
>     > passencrypt.php page shipped with phpwiki and then cut and paste
>     into my
>     > passwords file.  I have changed ownership on the file to the
>     apache account.
>     >
>     > Now when I browse to the preferences page as some logged in user, I
>     > enter a new password.  I get the following errors dumping out on the
>     > page.  I think maybe there is some setup that I have missed?
>     >
>     > Or do I misunderstand the password system?  Perhaps that page is only
>     > for changing the password in the users home page preference file and
>     > they cannot change their password in the password file?
>     If AUTH_USER_FILE_STORABLE = true, Pear::File_Passwd is used to update
>     the password file. As seen below.
>     There's no config variable (yet) to allow self-creating users for
>     password files. Self-creating users should IMHO use PersonalPage
>     settings.
>     > Here are the errors at the bottom of wiki/index.php/UserPreferences
>     > after trying to input a new password......
>     >
>     > lib/WikiUserNew.php (In template 'body' < 'html'):1116: Notice[8]:
>     > Undefined property: _FilePassUser::$_HomePagehandle
>     >
>     > lib/WikiUser/File.php (In template 'body' < 'html'):81: Notice[8]:
>     > Undefined property: File_Passwd::$_filename
>     >
>     > lib/WikiUser/File.php (In template 'body' < 'html'):82: Notice[8]:
>     > Undefined property: File_Passwd::$_filename
>     Oops. I'll have to check these.
>     Maybe $_filename is empty, which would lead to the error below.

Wrong. The attached patch below fixes that.


   new File_Passwd($this->_file->_filename, ...
=> new File_Passwd($this->_file->filename, ...

The rest is caused by the empty filename.
I'll release a 1.3.12p2 with this fix soon.
Have to check the other errors too which you reported. I can reproduce
them here.

Reini Urban
http://helsinki.at/  http://spacemovie.mur.at/

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