I've just finished upgrading two wiki sites from 1.2.x to 1.3.12_rc1. (one windows, one gentoo)
The upgrade went quite well but there is a new behaviour during the load process that deviates from the old proceedure.

During the upload, the message will sometimes say "merge conflict" and not load the new page. This means two things

1) the "base" wiki pages like home page and admin pages no longer need to be "fixed up" as stated in the 1.2.x section of the UPGRADING file

2) if you do a dump (all revisions) instead of a snapshot (latest revision only) then it seems to take an older version of your pages and then NOT load the newer version of your page.   So I think either there is a bug, or this is a new behaviour and the upgrading instructions should be updated.

If someone can tell me that this is not a bug and is intended, then I will offer to update the 1.2.x section of the UPGRADING file and submit a patch since both of my upgrades are working fine now and my proceedure could be documented for others.

Joel schaubert