I don't know what "Revert" does, but if it's just to the previous version, that's no good. Sometimes the spammers have changed the page multiple revisions before I see it.

Anyway, I don't have time to constantly guard myself, and our community is not large. I need something to significantly reduce the amount of incoming spam. I closed my site to anonymous edits, but I'm getting killed again the last couple of days.

I don't know if it's bots or not. I have to suspect bots. It looks kind of like bots.

I am trying to enable a captcha upon login, but my PHP has libgd issues at the moment. If that's not enough, I'll try to take the captcha-on-edit feature, too.

Right now, I'm in trouble.


Joel Uckelman wrote:
At 18:04 +0200 15/10/05, Joel Uckelman wrote:
Can you tell how the spammers are doing it? If it's being done by a bot,
then at least we can keep doing things to confuse it. But if it's become
cost-effective for spammers to spam wikis by hand, then the game is over
and we've lost.
My wikis send me an email whenever anyone makes a change, showing the 
new page text. Would it be possible to mail out a diff each time a 
page is edited, with a link at the bottom to revert to previous?

The current version sends a diff instead of the full page text.

This happens in sendPageChangeNotification() in lib/WikiDB.php. All you'd
need to do is add a line to create the link:

$revertlink = WikiURL($this->_pagename, array('action'=>'revert','version'=>$previous), true);

and then make sure that $revertlink ends up in the mail which goes out at
toward the end of the function.