Our Oscar has hole in the head and has been sick for some time approx. 1 month( his name is Eight!)    He is a rather large Oscar about 2lbs and 13-14 inches.  We have taken suggestion and given him Tetracyclin for a number of weeks at two different intervals.  It seems to have stopped the Hole in the head from getting worse but now we have another problem, he just sits on the bottom or lays on his side,  when he swims it is at bursts and then he falls directly to the bottom again where he sits for long periods of time.  He wont eat and hasnt when we see him but obviosly is at least a lttle or im sure he would be dead by now.  What is the problem as you see it,  he is a sentamental fish and we would sure hate to lose him,  what can we do  ?????
Timand Gina Hughes