I've set TEMP_DIR = /tmp but the problem is it's on a clustered system. Each node on a cluster has it's own /tmp so setting it here doesn't work it still has a problem with not finding it. What part of phpwiki requires the /tmp folder? I'm using MySQL which I thought didn't require the /tmp directory. Is there a line in the code somewhere that I can comment out to get it working?
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Karl schrieb:
> I have paid a company to host among other things phpwiki for the
> development team where I work.
> I have successfully installed phpwiki in the past and have a database
> full of entries (from a server we had it running on) to import once it's
> working but the company that is hosting it for us uses a cluster of
> machines running CentOS 4.3 (I understand that clusters have a /tmp
> folder problem because each machine has it's own folder).
> The install is having major problems with the /tmp folder even though we
> are using MySQL which shouldn't need it and redirecting all /tmp entries
> to a new subdirectory. I have had a long look at it and the people
> hosting it for us have spent a good deal of time trying to solve the
> problem to no avail.

> The problem I'm getting is:

> Fatal Error:
> lib/FileFinder.php:192: Error: /tmp: file not found


; In case your system has no idea about /tmp, TEMP or TMPDIR,
; better provide it here. E.g. needed for zipdumps.
;TEMP_DIR = /tmp

> Has anyone here had experience of installing phpwiki on a clustered
> machine and can give me pointers?
> Does anyone know why it's trying to find a /tmp folder on a MySQL
> install in the first place?
> Does anyone know of a different wiki program that uses the same database
> layout so I could just import my phpwiki database into it and have a
> working wiki?
> Thanks,
> Karl
Reini Urban
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