I have been trying to figure out these PhpWiki themes for a few hours and seem to keep running in circles.  My goal is get the phpwiki system working within the confines of my websites already defined layout.  If you go here:
You can see the section with the Webnews listed is the "content" section of my design.  That is where I want to put the Phpwiki.  I thought originally it was going be as easy as something like:
<? include ('amdmb_header.php'); ?>
<? include ('amdmb_footer.php'); ?>
But that is apparently not the case.  I have been fooling with the themes, just trying to edit them in some fashion that I thought I might be able to just INPUT my HTML/PHP code into one of the themes and have it all work.  This is ALSO not the case.
Can anyone point me to a very easy way to do what I am trying to get done? 
Ryan Shrout
Owner - Amdmb.com