I have been trying to get the ASCIIMath Plugin to work. I found that only the first plugin on a page did anything and an error message is displayed about a missing variable. After some investigation I found that in the file ASCIIMath.php on line 69 is a "include_once" statement. Changing that to "include" allowed each instance of the plugin to work.

The plugin still does not work completely. The replacement of the expression to MathML tags is performed but the graphics is not generated. Is there something else needed to make this work? You can see what I am getting at http://www.k5rud.us/over50/wiki/index.php/RudTest.

I am a software developer (primarily C++) but not familiar with PHP. Still, I think I fixed a number of errors in the ASCIIMath PHP code that generated error messages. There were a number of places where I removed the & (reference?) from function names where the error messages was saying not to return a reference except to variables.

Rud Merriam K5RUD
ARES AEC Montgomery County, TX