Am 30.03.2010 10:29 schrieb Oliver Betz <>:
> Reini Urban wrote:
> > is not being maintained actively.
> so where is a meaningful PhpWiki website, documentation, community?

There's no website unfortunately.
Docs are in

> This list has transported 60 Messages in the past 12 months - one
> message every six days... I counted some four developers and ten
> "other" users.

There are two developers only, but many users.
Most are behind firewalls, in big cooperate intranet's with thousands of users,
well-integrated in larger systems, such as gforge or xapian search.

> > > there are better supported Wikis out there. Even the demo site
> > > is broken since years.

> > because phpwiki does not run on this setup and we do not have a shell
> > account anymore..
> > > I switched to PmWiki for active sites but I have still a PhpWiki
> > > running with unmaintained content. I'm just too lazy to convert it,
> > > but at least I listen here to learn about upcoming problems (e.g. PHP
> > > incompatibilities or security issues).
> > phpwiki has much more features than those two.
> Maybe I don't know enough about the PhpWiki features, because I don't
> know where to look them up. Could you name some important features of
> PhpWiki not found in PmWiki?

* All database backends, all php versions, all major operating systems, not just LAMP with php5.
* Many plugins, in my opinion more, better and easier than mediawiki plugins. mediawiki just has easier syntax plugins.
* DynamicIncludePages (IncludePage via Ajax to create tree-like structures loaded on demand)
* Many login and auth methods, just facebook connect and email verification not yet.
* Moderated pages
* Semantic relations and queries

In contrary to pmwiki's and dokuwiki's design principle: Avoid gratuitous features (or "creeping featurism")
we extend it is much as possible with creeping featurism.

I also prefer the template inheritance, so that it can easily be extended whilst not breaking
HTML conformity, in contrary to mediawiki.

> I know
> * PhpWiki has more database backends,
> * can show diffs between arbitrary revisions
> what am I missing?