I have a cPanel/Fantastico client who has installed PhpWiki 1.2.10 and cannot log into the admin.php page.  The problem lies in $PHP_AUTH_USER and $PHP_AUTH_PW.  Both of those variables are empty after attempting to enter the username/password in the HTTP authentication box.


Because of the variable emptiness the conditionals of course fail.  The conditionals I’m referring to are:


// From the manual, Chapter 16  

if (($PHP_AUTH_USER != $wikiadmin  )  ||

    ($PHP_AUTH_PW   != $adminpasswd)) {


As a result no matter what I try the following executes:


echo gettext("You entered an invalid login or password.");



I suspect there is some sort of server, perhaps simply php, configuration which is preventing those two variables from being populated.  If someone can please shed some light on my issue I will be extremely grateful.