No luck with commenting the two lines.
I started over from scratch:
- decompressing phpwiki-1.3.3.tar
- moving the whole tree under the web folder (wwwroot) under phpwiki.
- Editing the index.php. No change apart from the database section changed to:
$DBParams = array(
   // Select the database type:
   //'dbtype' => 'SQL',
   'dbtype'   => 'dba',
   // For SQL based backends, specify the database as a DSN
   // The most general form of a DSN looks like:
   //   phptype(dbsyntax)://username:password@protocol+hostspec/database
   // For a MySQL database, the following should work:
   //   mysql://user:password@host/databasename
   // FIXME: My version Pear::DB seems to be broken enough that there
   //        is no way to connect to a mysql server over a socket right now.
   //'dsn' => 'mysql://guest@:/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock/test',
   //'dsn' => 'mysql://guest@localhost/test',
   //'dsn' => 'pgsql://localhost/test',
   // Used by all DB types:
   // prefix for filenames or table names
    * currently you MUST EDIT THE SQL file too (in the schemas/
    * directory because we aren't doing on the fly sql generation
    * during the installation.
   //'prefix' => 'phpwiki_',
   // Used by 'dba'
   'directory'     => "/tmp/wiki133",
   //'dba_handler'   => 'gdbm',   // Either of 'gdbm' or 'db2' work great for me.
   //'dba_handler' => 'db2',
   'dba_handler' => 'db3',    // doesn't work at all for me....
   'timeout'   => 20,
   //'timeout' => 5
- Starting the web server.
- Going to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/phpwiki/index.php
- The screen
- I click on edit and 'page not found..."
The link it try to find is : http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/phpwiki/index.php/phpwiki/index.php?action=edit
Note the addition of /phpwiki/index.php that should not be here.
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Subject: Re: [Phpwiki-talk] Strange url behaviour

> Hi Laurent,
> Try commenting out these two lines near the bottom of index.php by putting
> two slashes in front:
> //define('SCRIPT_NAME', '/some/where/index.php');
> //define('USE_PATH_INFO', false);
> Does this fix the url problem?
> Regarding the missing bracket problem, I double-checked the latest version
> of index.php and the default file tests ok on my system. Are you sure you
> are looking at the correct file on your computer? It sounds like you may
> have accidentally deleted the ); on line 232, or inserted a semicolon
> instead of a comma, or deleted a comma at the end of one of the lines
> somewhere from line 193 to 232.
> Carsten