jfkelley - 2009-04-20

There are 226 files in the phpwiki install archive that have % somewhere in the file name. I recognize some of the escaped characters as spaces (e.g., pgsrc/San%20Diego). Some appear to be forward slashes (which is problematic because that implies embedded portions of the folder structure that are not represented in the install archive, such as pgsrc/Help).

I cannot FTP files with wierd characters, and FTP is the only access I have to my web hosting server, so I cannot set up my wiki.

ftp> put San%20Diego
200 PORT command successful.
553-The name you specified is not allowed.
553-Names must contain only ASCII letters (a-z,A-Z), digits (0-9), underscore, dot and dash.
553-Names must not start with a dot (.) or dash (-).

Please help.

P.S. I am WinXP SP2. For localhost debugging, I use WAMP 2.0