Can't create Admin

  • Jeff

    Jeff - 2007-04-21

    I have been through the posting here but cannot find anything for my problem. I can log in as a user, but I can never log in as an admin. I have tried all the different settings in config.ini, encrypted, non-encrypted, etc. Nothing works. I am only a regular user, never and Admin.

    Going through the postings, I noticed that someone said they changed some info in their admin.php file.

    I have no admin.php file anywhere. I have even unzipped the original download again to see if somehow it got lost.

    Is there supposed to be an admin.php file?

    Or, can anyone offer suggestions on how to solve this problem of mine.
    Thank you

    • sinaghino

      sinaghino - 2007-06-19

      is user id and password with " (double quote) or without or doesn't make difference?

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2007-04-21

      If you have a 1.2.x version you need to edit the admin.php file,
      if you have a newer 1.3.x version you have to edit config/config.ini

    • Jeff

      Jeff - 2007-04-21

      I've edited config. Currently it reads:

      ; You must set this! Username and password of the administrator.
      ADMIN_USER = "Myadminname"

      ; You must set this!
      ; For heaven's sake pick a good password.
      ; If your version of PHP supports encrypted passwords, your password will be
      ; automatically encrypted within the generated config file.
      ; Use the "Create Random Password" button to create a good (random) password.
      ; ADMIN_PASSWD is ignored on HttpAuth
      ADMIN_PASSWD = "kwnKkLoHcgByA"

      ; It is recommended that you use encrypted passwords to be stored in the
      ; config.ini and the users homepages metadata.
      ; You might want to use the passencrypt.php utility to encode the
      ; admin password, in the event that someone gains ftp or ssh access to the
      ; server and directory containing phpwiki.
      ; If true, all user passwords will be stored encrypted.
      ; You might have to set it to false, if your PHP doesn't support crypt().
      ; To use plain text passwords, in particular for the ADMIN_PASSWD, set
      ; ENCRYPTED_PASSWD to false.

      All that happens is that I can log in, but just as a regular user. If I try to do anything admin is allowed to do, like unlock a page, I get this message: Missing PagePermission: change NameOfPage is disallowed on this wiki for authenticated user 'Myadminname' (level: ANON).

      • Reini Urban

        Reini Urban - 2007-04-21

        So it looks like the name is correct but your sessions not.
        You seem to suffer from a session problem. Are your php session settings correct?

    • Jeff

      Jeff - 2007-04-21

      I don't know how to determine if they are correct or not. Can you help me? Are they in config.ini?


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