PHP5 compatibility coming?

  • Scot Hacker

    Scot Hacker - 2004-10-12

    Is there an ETA on PHP5 compatibility? I've been happy with phpWiki in the past, but if the current incompatibility can't be solved in the next week, I'm going to have to find something else :(

    (And no, rewinding to PHP4 is not an option for us).

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2004-10-12

      5.0.1 or 5.0.0?

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2004-10-12

      BTW: If your error message is related to E_STRICT
      (var deprecated)

      You have to follow the php5 docs and disable E_STRICT in your php.ini error-reporting:

      I have:
      error_reporting=E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2004-10-12

      Ok: I found the culprit

      Adjust this function in lib/ErrorManager.php:
      function isFatal() {
      return ($this->errno & (2048|EM_WARNING_ERRORS|EM_NOTICE_ERRORS)) == 0;

      • Reini Urban

        Reini Urban - 2004-10-19

        Only latest CVS is able to run OOTB with php5,

        for 1.3.10 you have to run the php5-patch.php

    • Scot Hacker

      Scot Hacker - 2004-10-18

      We're on PHP 5.01.

      Reini, I made the change you suggest above, and now get past the earlier failure. However, I now get:

      Fatal error: Cannot re-assign $this in /Library/WebServer/Documents/wwwroot/projects/chinadn/en/wiki/lib/WikiUserNew.php on line 548


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