Getting past initial install of 1.3.14...

  • Robert Heller

    Robert Heller - 2008-11-15

    I've installed 1.3.14, and I believe I have properly configured it but I am having some problems:

    1) going to the opening page causes it to "Loading up virgin wiki' everytime

    2) How do I create users? The trick of an empty password does not work. config.ini contains:

    ; If ALLOW_ANON_USER is false, you have to login before viewing any page or doi$
    ALLOW_ANON_USER = true

    ; If ALLOW_ANON_EDIT is false, you have to login before editing or changing any$
    ALLOW_ANON_EDIT = false

    ; If ALLOW_BOGO_LOGIN is false, you may not login with any wikiword username an$
    ; If true, users are allowed to create themselves with any WikiWord username. S$

    ; If ALLOW_USER_PASSWORDS is true, the authentication settings below define whe$
    ; check against given username/passwords. For completely security disable BOGO_$

    3) how do I edit the 'front page'? I can edit any page (as Admin), but not the front page (see 1 above)?

    4) Is there a real user manual?

    I am running CentOS 4.7 and have php 4.3.9-3.22.12 installed. Do I need something else?

    • Robert Heller

      Robert Heller - 2008-11-15

      Ok, I have made some progress. I edited the HomePage by entering the URL '.../index.php/HomePage?action=edit" -- this got past the virgin Wiki -- Is this really how this is done?!?

      I also discovered that if I login as the admin and create user name pages, users can login in (without a password). How do new users create their own pages? How do they create/set their passwords?


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