Table "accesslog" is oversized!

  • Bernard Bel

    Bernard Bel - 2007-09-14

    I am facing problems with my Internet provider: the current quota for our MySQL database was 60 Mb but we quickly reached 63,300 Mb... However, out of this 55,467 Mb is the storage of a single table named "accesslog" that seems to store session information. Is there any way of purging this table or setting it up to purge by itself before it grows fat?

    Bernard Bel

    • Bernard Bel

      Bernard Bel - 2007-09-16

      I will reply to myself as I solved 99 % of this problem.

      In "config.ini" we have:

      ; If defined (e.g. 1) read-access is done via SQL.
      ; If flag 2 is set, phpwiki also writes. Default on SQL database.
      ; This must use DATABASE_TYPE = SQL or ADODB or PDO.
      ; ACCESS_LOG_SQL = 0 ; disable SQL access logging
      ; ACCESS_LOG_SQL = 1 ; phpwiki reads, apache mod_log_sql writes
      ; ACCESS_LOG_SQL = 2 ; read + write

      After setting ACCESS_LOG_SQL = 0 the "accesslog" table stopped growing. :-)

      Now I am not sure whether we may just delete it in the MySQL database, or we need to do something smarter at the level of PhpWiki.
      (I am too afraid of crashing the site.)

      Bernard Bel


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