1.3.10 admin link not working?

  • Dean Hiller

    Dean Hiller - 2005-01-29

    I am installed at an ISP where the webserver can't write to my disk, but I am using MySQL anyways. Will this cause problems?

    When I click on Admin link, it goes to the home page again. How do I admin this thing and add users and such? I have locked down the whole thing as we only want to allow a few people access to this particular wiki. thanks for any pointers.

    • Dean Hiller

      Dean Hiller - 2005-01-29

      if this happens to you, the answer is set USE_PATH_INFO to false in config.ini file!!!

      • Rpnvglkc

        Rpnvglkc - 2007-04-05

        where is the config.ini file?

        • Reini Urban

          Reini Urban - 2007-04-05

          In 1.2.x there's no config.ini, only lib/config.php


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