Upgrade to 1.3.14, old pages now not found

  • Witchy

    Witchy - 2008-07-31


    After a server crash we were forced to upgrade everything - php 5.1.6, Apache 2.2.3, mysql 5.1.6, phpwiki 1.3.14. I recall having to jump through a lot of hoops to upgrade phpwiki including manually altering tables in the db before I could successfully do an ?option=update but in the end I got the home page and its links working.

    However, when I try and reference any old page it will tell me the page doesn't exist and gives me the option of creating one. The old pages are definitely in the db because a full text search will find them and I can see them in phpMyAdmin.

    If I try to check the db from the administration page it comes straight back to 'wikiAdminUtils db-check returned' and a blank box, if I try and rebuild the db it pauses for a few secs then comes back with 'wikiAdminUtils db-rebuild returned' with a blank box and some html errors.

    Any clues? How can I manually check the db? Entries for old and new pages look fine in phpMyAdmin so I'm really at a loss


    • Witchy

      Witchy - 2008-09-02

      OK, I now have a resurrected wiki :oD

      However it appears to be ignoring the THEME settings and giving me the default theme regardless but that's by the by, the information is live again!

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2008-08-01

      Bad bad.
      We have no handy solution for this problem.
      The table structure is a little bit more complicated than it seems to be.

      For every page.id you need to have a matching version.id, a recent.id and a nonempty.id.
      Can you backup the do to files (serialized or plain)? Do you have an old file backup? Restoring this is generally much easier than fiddling with tables.

      The table structure is also completely different in db, mysql and soon postgresql.

    • Witchy

      Witchy - 2008-08-14


      I still have the original mysql databases on the old server, yes, but no dumps that I'm aware of. What I can't do is boot the old server 'as was' as it was the OS drive that was corrupted - I have to use a linux live CD. However, replying to this has given me a eureka moment as I'm fairly sure I can rebuild the OS on a new drive and access the old phpwiki which is still on the webserver, I symlinked the new version instead. I'll let you know!


    • Witchy

      Witchy - 2008-08-21

      Hi Reini,

      I've now resurrected the original fileserver and got a phpMyAdmin dump of the original wiki database. What I've not been able to do is get wiki 1.3.10 running - I just get a blank screen. I'm guessing this is because I'd already tried updating it before biting the bullet and installing 1.3.14 in a new directory. (WikiUser, WikiUserNew and stdlib have been changed and I didn't keep the original stdlib.php)

      Will I be able to do a fresh install of 1.3.14 and upgrade the database or will I have to get 1.3.10 running to do a proper phpwiki export?


      • Reini Urban

        Reini Urban - 2008-08-21

        An import from a current version for old dump files will always be possible.


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