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Adding Imaages?

  • Kyle Thomas

    Kyle Thomas - 2008-01-25

    How can I add images to phpwiki?

    • Jeff Lederer

      Jeff Lederer - 2008-05-24

      I found the best way to add a picture is to use google photos at

      Create an album.
      Upload your pictures
      Select a picture from the album
      On the right side of page, select link to this photo
      Select size of photo you want
      Copy the link to wiki page where you want to display it.
      Remove all but the section that starts with <img src="http:... , and put the http part inside brackets

      • Bernard Bel

        Bernard Bel - 2008-05-25

        Putting the URL of the image between square brackets is the basic method. However there are additional (optional) parameters that make it possible to position the picture, fix its size and define horizontal and vertical margins with respect to the surrounding text.

        Even if you don't read French the following page will make it clear:

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2008-05-25

      For the sample image: myimage.png

      Go to the UpLoad page.
      Upload your image
      Mark & Copy the "[Upload:myimage.png]" tag with the mouse
      Go back to your page where you want to see it.
      Edit and paste the [Upload:myimage.png] tag.


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