Shared code: css and favicon go wrong

  • Roger

    Roger - 2004-10-06

    Since I've started with my first wiki last week, I've already set up three, and plan for several more. I prefer to share the code for those wiki's, to save space. It seems to be working, except for one small thing. In the header, the links to the css and favicon go wrong. I see a link to the server install path:
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/var/www/html/wikicode/themes/default/images/favicon.ico" />

    The links in the page work normally, so the wiki is usable.

    Looking at the prettywiki pages, I can't figure out what to do with that info. It's too much, and confusing. The same goes for the config.ini file. Somehow I got it working, but not entirely correct.

    This is what I changed:

    2) WIKI_PGSRC = /var/www/html/wikicode/pgsrc
    3) DEFAULT_WIKI_PGSRC = /var/www/html/wikicode/pgsrc
    4) SERVER_NAME =
    5) SCRIPT_NAME = /anotherwiki/index.php
    6) DATA_PATH = /var/www/html/wikicode
    7) PHPWIKI_DIR = /var/www/html/wikicode

    I wonder whether I did too much. The code is in The second wiki is in

    • Reini Urban

      Reini Urban - 2004-10-06

      you only need to change DATA_PATH for your different versions, and you have to fix DATA_PATH.

      DATA_PATH is not using filesystem paths, it uses url paths!
      DATA_PATH = /anotherwiki/
      The themes images and css is appended to that.

    • Roger

      Roger - 2004-10-06

      Perfect! Thanks a lot!!!! :-)


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