HELP>> index.php and admin.php show up blank!

  • Johnny Darwin

    Johnny Darwin - 2001-04-15

    I believe there is another user having the same problem as me and he's listed in the support forum

    the url is

    it won't work and i dunno what to do...
    p.s.- i'm an experienced user so i've edited the configs. checked if php is working (it is) and now don't know what to do !!! :P help!

    • Jeff Pitman

      Jeff Pitman - 2001-04-16

      What type of database are you using?  It appears to be
      ending in stdlib.php.  The next call would be
      OpenDatabase.  That's where it appears to be ending. Do you
      have access to /var/log/messages ??  What is your server

      Potentially what is happening is that OpenDatabase gets
      called.  Some problem happens, so it calls ExitWiki.  But,
      in ExitWiki, it makes a call to CloseDatabase.  If that is
      in error then it will call ExitWiki, which will then exit
      without printing anything.  (Slight bug).  But, it seems
      your DB config has issues.

      • Steve Wainstead

        Steve Wainstead - 2001-04-16

        In lib/dbalib.php, try deleting the '@' in front of the call to dba_open(), and see what the error message is. It's possible your version of PHP was compiled with the old DBM library support, and PhpWiki incorrectly determines which library you use. (Alternately, edit config.php and set the database type to "dbm" and see if that works.)


        • jay doe

          jay doe - 2004-12-06

          I'm having the same problem.

          1. I tried changing the file lib/config.php and changing the setting for DBM_FILE_TYPE from "gdbm" to "db3", but it had no effect.

          2. In lib/dbalib.php, I deleted the '@' in front of the call to dba_open() as you suggested. I got the following error:

          Fatal error: Call to undefined function: dba_open() in /home/.quentin/sugarmountain/ on line 54

          • Reini Urban

            Reini Urban - 2004-12-06

            So you have no dba support in your php.
            Either dl() it or use another database backend.

    • jay doe

      jay doe - 2004-12-14

      How do I do that?

      > So you have no dba support in your php.
      > Either dl() it or use another database backend.


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