#505 table-generation broken?


i am using phpwiki 1.3.11.
i am having troubles using headlines (!, !!, !!), lines
(----), lists (*, -, #) in tables, especially when
generated with 'new formatting rules (haven't really
tested the old rules).
i remember doing these things easily in other php-wikis.

as an example you might want to compare the following two:

http://netznetz.net/wiki/ (working)
http://sohoinottakring.at/phpwiki-1.3.11/ (not working).

is anyone else experiing these difficulties?

thanks for any help in advance, stefan


  • stefan

    stefan - 2005-10-07

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    did a little testing: pasted the table-construction from
    netznetz.net to my wiki - it worked. maybe i was a liitlle
    to quick with my bug-report ;).
    i have written completely new stylesheets for my wiki. i am
    not 100% shure, but i have noticed that this also seems to
    interfer with the behavior of the page-editing textarea: any
    markup (headlines, lines, plugins get pasted in at the end
    of the text, if pasted in thru the toolbar. this behavior
    changed (in firefox) after added "width: 100%" as a style
    for this particular textarea. could this be a javascript
    related flaw?

  • stefan

    stefan - 2005-10-08

    Logged In: YES

    given up ... this cannot really be called a bug. it seems to
    be a limitation in the plugin, which should generally be
    used with care ...

  • Marc-Etienne Vargenau

    Closing very all bugs.

  • Marc-Etienne Vargenau

    • status: open --> closed

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