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Released phpvitae-0.4-beta

+ PHPVitae Notifier's mail sent to Admin now contains a preview link to curriculum_model.php
+ admin.php now support displaying <configurable> rowset / page
+ an int(11) field has been substituted by a varchar one in curriculum_experience table, which can store almost everything inserted without loosing wrong date format inserted (ops...)
+ All configuration parameters are now stored into db, mysql initial dump contains default values
+ config table now have a enum field, where it's possible to specify valid configuration values selectable from admin interface
+ Added a new button to delete previuosly (session) inserted studies and experiences
+ Added Spanish translation
+ Added Portuguese translation (thanks to Gladiston)
+ Added multilanguage switcher to admin section... read more

Posted by Davide Villani 2005-12-30

Released phpvitae-0.3-beta

Released phpvitae-0.3-beta, see ChangeLog for details about improvements:

+ Added "Knowledges statistics page"
+ Added Experiences search page
+ Candidates could be marked hidden from admin.php
+ Last confimation page links curriculum preview if userid mantained
+ Created new "Area of interest" admin and curriculum field
+ Corrected the knowledges' statistics engine
+ Added pagination (20 records / page) on contacts' admin
+ E-Mail message sent to admin now contains a link to candidate's curriculum_model
+ Experiences' timestamps are now saved in varchar fields (previously stored unix_timestamp values are correcly displayed!!!)
+ All configurable values are now stored into database (!!!)
+ Admin interface for phpvitae configurable parameters
+ Knowledges page can request inputs from a selectbox or from an input text (configurable)

Posted by Davide Villani 2005-10-29

Released phpvitae-0.2-beta

ChangeLog for phpvitae-0.2-beta release

- 0.2-beta release
+ Main TD became 'nowrap'
+ Nationalities list dinamized and nations.php included into page01 and admin sections details.php
+ Phone, address, city and prov now are required fields
+ Curriculum template reviewed, new translations inserted in lang_* file, css included and page formatting modified.
+ Underscores replaced with blanks for knowledges in admin.php
+ Added submittedon and ipaddress fields on curriculum_contact
+ Introduced lang_en.php for 0.2-beta version with all English translations
+ All constant strings have been translated into lang_*.php file
+ Clickable candidate's photo preview.
+ Added a new form and its management for image upload onto DB
+ Admin now displays only interesting knowledges
+ Added experience / knowledge columns with stars indicating levels, two lists limited by first 5 (five) elements
+ Added and admin header to include in admin/ files
+ New confirmation page formatting, very good looking now
+ New candidate details page formatting
+ Included admin notification address in config file, after last page a mail will be sent to notify new curriculum insertion

Posted by Davide Villani 2005-05-20

Released phpvitae-0.2-alpha

+ More detailed admin interface viewing candidates summary
+ working photo upload form to attach images to curriculae
+ uplaoded photo preview in admin interface
+ little bug fixing (refer to - PhpVitae project)

Posted by Davide Villani 2005-05-18

Released first 0.1-alpha version

Released on 17th May 2005 <b>phpvitae-0.1-alpha</b>. Can manage a complete curriculum insertion and have a minimal admin interface for organizying users and manage categories and details requested for curriculum

Posted by Davide Villani 2005-05-17

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