karlo sobiaco - 2014-08-01


I am currently running a pfsense in a virtualbox under Windows Home Server 2011. I have installed both vboxvmservice and phpvirtualbox to go along with it. Everything is already working great. But not I wanted to increase the RAM for my pfsense. If I go to the http://serverip/vm to access the phpvirtualbox, my pfsense virtualbox is not powered on but it is powered on because I wouldnt have an internet connection if it wasnt. So I tried increasing the ram from 256 to 1024, but it gave me an error.

So how do I actually power off the virtualbox via phpvirtualbox when its showing that its powered off? Or do I use the local virtualbox installed in whs 2011?

How do I merge or link the VMs in the local install of virtualbox in my whs2011 and the ones in phpvirtualbox. Because currently I cant view the VMs being runned by the phpvirtualbox on my local install.