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e-mail problem resolved...again

Ok e-mail should be working again, my server is resolving to new host

Posted by Denis Pointer 2004-06-03

e-mail problems returned

E-mail problems have returned, again please use am currently looking for a new webhost

Posted by Denis Pointer 2004-06-01

E-mail problems -- resolved

Problem has been resolved for now, please use my main contact info again

Posted by Denis Pointer 2004-05-28

e-mail problems

sorry to anyone who has been trying to get hold of me over the past few days, my e-mail has been down (and is still). anyone needing to contact me pleas use until my server issues have been resolved.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvienience

Posted by Denis Pointer 2004-05-26

Stage 1 nearly complete

the PHP Task manager is coming along nicely, as soon as some final touches are put in it will be ready for it's first alpha release, excpect to see this in the near future

Posted by Denis Pointer 2004-05-12