New Themes Lib!!

  • Brian Cluff

    Brian Cluff - 2001-02-01

    I have just commited my changes to CVS that will let all the themes be able to resize dynamicaly.  You can now also use percentages on edge sizing and ditch the global site size all together (if you want).

    This should be a drop in upgrade to any site currently using phpthemes and should act exactly the same as before.  The only real difference would be a slight increase in HTML size, due the added code necessary to allow for resizing.
    Please give this new version a try and let me know if there are any problems.  I have only done some light testing, so there might be some real weirdness.

    • Ian O'Neal

      Ian O'Neal - 2001-02-13

      Sorry I haven't responded sooner, but I've been using the latest version from CVS for a week or so.  Have only been using it with rimps and didn't really looked into the changes you made to the code.  So far, everything seems fine.  I'll definatly let you know if I find anything strange.



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