Problems on login

  • Christoph

    Christoph - 2006-11-22

    I tried PHPTerm on my local machine and it is awesome.
    But on my webspaces it seems not to work although safe_mode is off. Do I have to check any other settings?
    When entering the password, the browser keeps loading all the time and no page with the terminal apears.


    • bzrudi

      bzrudi - 2006-11-23

      Hi Christoph,

      maybe your Internet provider is using proxys, like AOL?

      cheers bzrudi

      • Christoph

        Christoph - 2006-11-23

        Good point. In fact my universitarian access works over a VPN-connection. I will have another look from a proxy-free access.

        Thanks, so far.


      • Christoph

        Christoph - 2006-11-24

        Well, unfortunately that didn't work. I tried it from a proxy-free connection and I even acomplished a login on another server, but within my webspace it keeps not working.

        By looking at phpinfo(), the first thing that drew my attention was the line with "Server API".
        While the servers, where I got it working state "Apache 2.0 Handler", the ones where it doesn't work for me have "CGI" in this line.

        Could that be the reason? (I don't even exactly know what that line means.)



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