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phpSysInfo 3.0.10

Thanks to contributors, we just released phpSysInfo 3.0.10. Demo is available at

Posted by Erkan 2011-02-16

phpSysInfo-3.0 RC8

after a short time we release another RC for phpSysInfo. this one fixes a PHP Notice and a bug in lmsensor implementation. so not much but these bugs may make phpsysinfo unuseable

Posted by Anonymous 2009-06-09

phpSysInfo-3.0 RC7

after a long time, 1 year and 1 day we are happy to release a new rc for v3.0. we hope that this one will be one of the last rc for v3.0. have a look at the Changelog file to see what has changed since last rc.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-06-06

phpSysInfo-3.0 RC5

We are happy to provide another RC for everybody to test the new things in 3.0. Since the last RC many things have been improved and also some new stuff was added. For a complete list of changes look in the Changelog file, because it's to much to post here. We would also say thank you who helped us to improve phpSysInfo.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-01

phpSysInfo 3.0-RC1

We are happy to anounce the new preview version of phpSysInfo 3.0.
This is nearly a complete rewritten version of phpsysinfo, we now have a completely new interface, and the way its internal be build is completely new. Special thanks for this new improvements are going to Audun Larsen, he did all the great work. because of the significant changes we must now depend on php 5.2. this decision was made in favor of new included features in php so that we no longer need external libraries for our app, because some of them have bugs which aren't fixed for some years and we every time get bug reports about this issues.
Please notice there are some things that are not complete, like language selection or themes, so if somebody would help us, we need some people who can translate the en.xml file in the language directory to their foreign language and send us these files. Also themes, if there are some people out there who are really good designers and want to help us, feel free to create some cool designs or convert an old one.
If you are find a bug or think there must be some improvement in some place, feel free to write a bug report, write a patch or simply post comments in the forum.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-08-26

phpSysInfo 2.5.4 released

phpSysInfo 2.5.4 is now available, this release fixes only one xss-issue, details can be found here

Posted by Anonymous 2007-08-19

New Developer xqus

i pleased to announce that the phpsysinfo project has a new developer. i'm really happy, so i welcome you Audun Larsen (xqus at

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-17

Looking for Project Admin and Developer

perhaps some people noticed that i have not spend much time in the last months to the project, i'm now looking for a new admin und dev for this project. studying takes too much time to fully support and lead this projecz any longer. if there is somebody who feels skilled enough to be the project admin let me know.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-06

phpSysInfo 2.5.3 released

we have a new version out, this time many fixes have been included so that everything should work smoother now. the exact details what has been corrected can be found in the changelog. feel free to report problems so that we can fix them.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-18

phpSysInfo 2.5.3 RC1 released

this one is only a bug fix release of the latest version, no new features are in it. please test it and provide some feedback.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-02-05

phpSysInfo 2.5.2

the final version is now released, only some bugs have been fixed sine the last rc. sry for the long delay, was very busy the last months. but now development continues.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-12-19

phpSysInfo 2.5.2 RC3 released

this might be the last rc befor the final version hits the road. this rc mainly fixes some bugs on Win and Mac machines, for more details what exactly changed in this rc please have a look at the changelog.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-06-21

phpSysInfo 2.5.2 RC2 released

the second rc is ready, test it and report bugs. we know there are still some bugs and feature requests open, we try to close these till the final release. this rc includes mainly fixes for linux, openbsd, freebsd, netbsd and windows. the main changes are a corrected parser for filesystems, which should fixe a lot of things, support for show inodes usage, fixes for cpu bargraph, use lsusb and lscsi on linux systems to get some informations, added an option to turn of the error message box completly and update the README for common erorrs on windows systems, so PLEASE read and correct me if there is something wrong.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-04-23

phpSysInfo 2.5.2 RC1 released

after a long time, we are happy to release a new version of phpsysinfo. this release includes many bug fixes (mainly Win systems, some darwin fixes and some linux fixes, also some fixes for a proper xml file), some new features like the new wml template for viewing the site with a mobile and a new way for displaying errors and warnings. test as many as you can and report bugs so we can fix them befor the final version.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-02-27

phpSysInfo 2.5.1 released

mainly a bugfix release over version 2.5
short summary:
templates now html 4.01 valid,
rtl and ltr text supported,
some winnt variables were wrong detected,
2.5 breaks detection of filesystems on BSD-systems,
loadbar wasn't working on BSD-systems,
cdfs wasn't detected as cd-filesystem,
strftime parameter wasn't working on windows systems

Posted by Anonymous 2005-12-15

phpSysInfo 2.5 Final is out

i'm happt to anounce the final release of phpSysinfo 2.5.
Many bugs were fixed (security releated, language and code bugs) and also new features found there way in this version. Some of them you won't be able to see (mainly detection and parsing code), others you see on the first sight (splitting memory information on linux, a bargraph for cpu usage or reading the temperature of hdds which have this feature).
There are still some minor problems, but nothing critical. i hope we get these fixed in the near future. so we are looking forwardto improve this little, nice app.
if you have suggestion, which should be added or changed, let's talk about.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-12-06

PHP SysInfo 2.5 RC2

this is mainly a bugfix release over the RC1 version. please test it and report bugs as many as possible.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-28

PHP SysInfo 2.5 RC

after long time, we release a new version, which includes many, really many bugfixes and also new features. if there are no show stoppers in this version we will try to release the final version at the end of next week. so please try this rc, and report as many bugs as you find.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-20

1.5 Release

So I released 1.5. We've added a bunch of new features including templating.

If you make a template and think it's cool send it over.. we'll try to add it to the next release..

Posted by Uriah Welcome 2001-05-28

phpSysInfo 1.0 release!

That's right, everyone who has been waiting to upgrade, this is the time. This release is a complete rewrite. Take a look at for all your PHP system information script needs!

Posted by Matthew Snelham 2000-09-08