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  • Edwin Meester

    Edwin Meester - 2005-11-16

    First of all

    It's nice to see that after almost a year, something is going on again. I'm Happy to see Phpsysinfo 2.4 is finally released.

    I've also watched the un-offical 2.5cvs release. Which looked good, but...

    It was to "hightech". I always liked the fact that phpsysinfo was running out of the box. Unpack and play. (I'd even send a patch to remove the GD lib dependensie). But the 2.5 release uses lots of extions (like GetText (which didn't work on my win32 system))

    So I pray that the offical release doesn't follow the 2.5 release.

    I'm happy to submit patches again for the (upcoming?) 2.5 release. like I did for the 2.4 release.

    I whish to conclude my "pray" with the fact that I 
    like it to see phpsysinfo alife again. And I'm sure "Michael Cramer" will do lot's of good work in the upcoming release.

    • Anonymous - 2005-11-16

      i know that my 2.5cvs has a lot of dependencies which doesn't work everywhere, thats why it was everytime unofficial and was only a like "tech-preview".
      first it's time to go through the bugs and patches.
      second, perhaps add features, which doesn't throw in dependecies

      i will see what i can do. and like every project here at sourceforge "we need the community".

    • Edwin Meester

      Edwin Meester - 2005-11-16

      I'll be part of the community :D

      Ans I still update my NTservice WINNT support class to which version PHPsysinfo will go.
      (yep, uses the sockets extention..)

      But can somebody changes the frontpage :D (http://phpsysinfo.sourceforge.net/) it's a little outdated (phpsysinfo 2.3)

      • Anonymous - 2005-11-16

        yes the frontpage, noted on my list, will look at the weekend at this, after i'm back from university.


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