MiCHi - 2007-08-21

i'm using phpsysinfo and i'd like to ask you to change the icons. i made my self a small change:
in includes/xml/vitals.php:
@84:         . "    <td><img alt=\&quot;\&quot; src=\&quot;" . $webpath . "images/" . $XPath->getData( "/phpsysinfo/Vitals/Distroicon" ) . "\&quot;>&nbsp;<font size=\&quot;-1\&quot;>" . $XPath->getData("/phpsysinfo/Vitals/Distro") . "</font></td>\n"

deleted the sizes, and changed distos.ini to show for arch this icon: http://www.archlinux.org/logos/button.png

could you change all the icons to this style? the 80x15 sigs?

thx in advance