Fatal error: Call to a member function.....

  • ph33r420

    ph33r420 - 2005-01-03

    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in c:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs\sysinfo\includes\os\class.WINNT.inc.php on line 101

    what to do?

    • Edwin Meester

      Edwin Meester - 2005-01-03

      THis one has ben fixed in CVS for PHP5 and seems to return in PHP 4.3.10.

    • ph33r420

      ph33r420 - 2005-01-03

      Read the "page loading sooooo slow.." thread. I tried his idea and it works better then ever.
      btw, i'm running WIndows Server 2003