Processor not shown correctly on PowerMac

  • Soccypowa

    Soccypowa - 2011-03-26

    Quite an amount of time has passed since I last used phpsysinfo, but as I got my hands on an old PowerMac and set it up at my home server I thought it would be nice to run phpsysinfo on it.

    But as I installed it i realize that the current version shows the processor all wrong, or maybe not all wrong, but it have been better. The system is a PowerMac7,3, the Dual G5 one running OSX server 10.5.8. Though phpsysinfo shows only one processor and with the very technical ppc970 label.

    I've tried the old 2.5 release as well and that one gets the correct processor, and number of processors, and even translates it in a rather nice way to the correct PowerMac name. I've even tried to piece these to versions together to get the best out of both of them, but can't get it to work as my knowledge in php is rather limited.

    Anyone got this working and can point me in the right directions here?

  • Mieczysław Nalewaj

    Add here as an attachment the output of  the command "hostinfo".

  • Mieczysław Nalewaj

    Test new SVN version (v447).

  • Soccypowa

    Soccypowa - 2011-03-29

    The output from hostinfo:
    Mach kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 9.8.0: Wed Jul 15 16:57:01 PDT 2009; root:xnu-1228.15.4~1/RELEASE_PPC
    Kernel configured for up to 2 processors.
    2 processors are physically available.
    2 processors are logically available.
    Processor type: ppc970 (PowerPC 970)
    Processors active: 0 1
    Primary memory available: 4.00 gigabytes
    Default processor set: 67 tasks, 470 threads, 2 processors
    Load average: 0.24, Mach factor: 1.75

    Given the "translationtable" in ModelTranslation.txt i thought that the output from sysctl hw.model:
    hw.model: PowerMac7,3

    Was more what one was looking for. As it seems that was used in the old 2.5.3 release…

  • Soccypowa

    Soccypowa - 2011-03-29

    Sorry, took some time before I got this whole svn thing worked out, shame on me. The new version you pointed me to works like a charm, two Power Macintosh G5 are shown in the processors list. Realized that I had tweaked my a bit already as its not only Mac OS X 10.6 that messes up the uptime, all versions seems to have that habit, or at least 10.5.8 has it also, but that I can fix my self :-). Thanks a lot for your help :-).

  • Mieczysław Nalewaj

    If you want You can send us your patch. If they are good why not put them in our code in the next version?


  • Soccypowa

    Soccypowa - 2011-03-30

    The thing I've done, which is pretty ugly, is to let all versions of Mac OS set the parameter $_is_mac_10_6 to true, just to do the trick with the uptime, so that it don't show an uptime of several thousand days.

    And by that I think I found a missing trailing slash in this line:
    else if (preg_match('/^Mac OS/', $distro))
    where I've added the one after OS to get the good little Apple showing as distro icon and no BSD daemon. This is of course the part where I let the parameter mentioned above be set to true…

  • Mieczysław Nalewaj

    Commit (SVN v449) thanks!


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