Can i hide a mount?

  • Anonymous - 2003-04-30

    I want to hide one of my mounts. Is this possible?

    • Anonymous - 2004-05-24

      I would also really like to know this, because it shows every mount including binds, which makes the totals wrong.

      • Anonymous - 2004-05-24

        You can hide the mount point, there is a setting in the config.php. However phpsysinfo can not hide a mount. If there is a good reason for it, I would like to do it.

        In regards to the mount --bind problem, that is a separate issue. Some linux experts please tell me how I can tell a mount is coming from --bind or not. I would love to fix it.

        • Jacob Tranholm

          Jacob Tranholm - 2005-02-28

          As far as I can see you cannot hide the mountpoints because you are using the linux 'df'-command to show the mounts (good choice by the way).

          You can however disable showing the 'mount --bind' by instead using the command 'mount -n --bind'... This was not the purpose of the '-n' switch, but it works never the less.

          At my server using Gentoo Linux I have four binds (all using the '-n' switch) and none of them are displayed in my 'df' (and thereby in phpsysinfo).